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Well it seems for sure that I have lost time to podcast for the time being. What a wonderful medium. I hope you enjoyed the Thought Press Podcast and found it enlightening and informative. Hopefully it will come back at some point.

In the meanwhile...
Please enjoy the brand new Thought Press blog. It will be full of insights and analyses of news, the internet, and possibly things Macintosh. And, while podcasts can be convenient to listen to in the car, put our new RSS feed into your news agreggator or into Gmail Web Clips so you can always have exciting information at a glance. So, head to and see new information in a sleek clean look.


Listen Hiatus

Yes, we've moved but things have become quite busy. Thought Press will be on hiatus for the meantime. If there is anyone interested in contributing to the podcast or helping continue it during this time, please contact us. It's or call our voiceline @ 206.33.THINK (84465). Feel free to listen back in the archives for interesting stories.


Listen Thought Press 11.06.05

On this podcast: Bird flu is a big worry and President Bush's $7 billion is supposed to help combat the virus and create greater awareness as far as pandemic warnings. More and more countries are being added to the outbreak list. China and Vietnam are the latest, but China is especially susceptible... The life as a US soldier can be tough but some are making a big difference through theater... Also, college tuition has gone up 40% in the last five years. Why is this and how can universities make education more affordable? The costs put people into debt and delay things like marriage. Maura Jane Farrelly has our report with all the statistics and numbers.

The Program:
Bird Flu update
Army theater
Cost of college tuition

Flyfloatflute by Marcos Oliva
Northern Lights by Tara Stratton
0999 Uranos by Marcos Oliva

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Listen Thought Press 11.02.05

On this podcast: Halloween is past, but it's legend lives on. We have two stories about it. One about Halloween's history and legend, and how it's evolved over the years. You'll also hear some old tales from Halloweens past from northern Vermont. Get ready for some frights! ... During this program we also take a look at President Bush's new approval rating. It's at its lowest ever, and this doesn't help the other issues the White House has had to deal with. The President makes a step to fight bird flu. Also, what role do American-Muslims play and how are they struggling in the post-9/11 world. Finally, Baby Boomers have a new investment scheme and it has to do with cars.

The Program:
President Bush's approval rating
Classic cars
Halloween history
Frightening tales
American-Muslim's role in America
Bird Flu update ->

High Sheriff by Aiken County String Band (1927)
Halloween Music by Charles Floyd Mitchell

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Listen Thought Press 10.26.05

On this podcast: Energy is the topic of discussion at water coolers this season, not to mention winter heating prices. Our world's weather is slowly getting worse, causing natural disasters, and increasing oil costs. This coming winter has got people worried about how much extra money is coming out of their pockets to keep warm. We'll have the numbers, including a look at the future of environmentally friendly vehicles... Pope Benedict canonizes five new Saints and says no to married priests... Also, going back to the moon means finding oxygen sources, and we did... See what's needed before man steps foot on the Lunar surface. Schools are choosing between laptops and textbooks. What would you choose?... Finally, Apple goes to court, over the iPod Nano.

The Program:
Future weather patterns
Winter energy costs -> Detailed short-term outlook
Environmentally friendly vehicles
The Pope names five new Saints
Oxygen on the moon
Laptops in place of textbooks?
iPod Nano lawsuit

8-Bit Head by Adhesion
13 Base Carbons by Soundrix
Christmas in New York by Kelly Vice

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Listen Thought Press 10.18.05

On this podcast: Rescuing continues in Pakistan to recover from the earthquake while bad weather is hampering efforts. President Bush says the United States will assist in any way... Iraq held it's referendum vote for the new constitution and it was a good turnout, despite threats. We'll take you there as people lined up early to vote. Results are expected soon but there is still uncertainty as to what the plan of action is to remove troops... Pope Benedict gathered with thousands of children at the Vatican... Also, the recent talk about energy has got many wondering how can I save energy and electricity? We'll visit a solar home... The Avian Bird Flu has spread even further. Is it safe to have a Thanksgiving turkey? We'll see what the threat is... Finally, let's go back to 1964 where the Winter Olympics open in Japan exactly 41 years ago.

The Program:
Pakistan earthquake update
Iraq referendum vote
Pope's first children's festival
Solar homes -> National Solar Tour Day | Solar home details
Avian (bird) Flu -> Latest Update
1964 Newsreel - Winter Olympics in Tokyo

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Listen Thought Press 10.13.05

On this podcast: Pakistan has world focus now as they try and clean up from a devastating earthquake that killed tens of thousands. We'll look at it from a variety of angles: The slow response, the numbers dead and homeless, the hospitals destroyed. There are few medical facilities available for the thousands injured and few places to go for the millions homeless. The recent natural disasters has created a new category in the world: environmental refugees. Also, the iPod lineup changes once again.

Music by Carl Leth

The Program:
Pakistan earthquake
Environmental Refugees
High energy costs this winter
New iPod -> See it | TV spot | New iTrip

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