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Listen Thought Press 10.18.05

On this podcast: Rescuing continues in Pakistan to recover from the earthquake while bad weather is hampering efforts. President Bush says the United States will assist in any way... Iraq held it's referendum vote for the new constitution and it was a good turnout, despite threats. We'll take you there as people lined up early to vote. Results are expected soon but there is still uncertainty as to what the plan of action is to remove troops... Pope Benedict gathered with thousands of children at the Vatican... Also, the recent talk about energy has got many wondering how can I save energy and electricity? We'll visit a solar home... The Avian Bird Flu has spread even further. Is it safe to have a Thanksgiving turkey? We'll see what the threat is... Finally, let's go back to 1964 where the Winter Olympics open in Japan exactly 41 years ago.

The Program:
Pakistan earthquake update
Iraq referendum vote
Pope's first children's festival
Solar homes -> National Solar Tour Day | Solar home details
Avian (bird) Flu -> Latest Update
1964 Newsreel - Winter Olympics in Tokyo

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