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Listen Thought Press 11.06.05

On this podcast: Bird flu is a big worry and President Bush's $7 billion is supposed to help combat the virus and create greater awareness as far as pandemic warnings. More and more countries are being added to the outbreak list. China and Vietnam are the latest, but China is especially susceptible... The life as a US soldier can be tough but some are making a big difference through theater... Also, college tuition has gone up 40% in the last five years. Why is this and how can universities make education more affordable? The costs put people into debt and delay things like marriage. Maura Jane Farrelly has our report with all the statistics and numbers.

The Program:
Bird Flu update
Army theater
Cost of college tuition

Flyfloatflute by Marcos Oliva
Northern Lights by Tara Stratton
0999 Uranos by Marcos Oliva

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  • At 22:23, Anonymous Wong Online PoK√©r Hu said…

    As much as possible, I do not want to worry myself sick on the avian flu. What is bothering is the increase in tuition fee.


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