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Listen Thought Press 10.26.05

On this podcast: Energy is the topic of discussion at water coolers this season, not to mention winter heating prices. Our world's weather is slowly getting worse, causing natural disasters, and increasing oil costs. This coming winter has got people worried about how much extra money is coming out of their pockets to keep warm. We'll have the numbers, including a look at the future of environmentally friendly vehicles... Pope Benedict canonizes five new Saints and says no to married priests... Also, going back to the moon means finding oxygen sources, and we did... See what's needed before man steps foot on the Lunar surface. Schools are choosing between laptops and textbooks. What would you choose?... Finally, Apple goes to court, over the iPod Nano.

The Program:
Future weather patterns
Winter energy costs -> Detailed short-term outlook
Environmentally friendly vehicles
The Pope names five new Saints
Oxygen on the moon
Laptops in place of textbooks?
iPod Nano lawsuit

8-Bit Head by Adhesion
13 Base Carbons by Soundrix
Christmas in New York by Kelly Vice

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